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·  Translator, proofreader & copywriter - From & into Spanish, from Portuguese, italian & French

·  Commercial, technical, industrial, legal, screenplays etc.

·  For translation agencies, publishers, film production companies & industry, as well as individuals, including:

MONDRaGON Corporation Timecrimes Los Ojos del Relojero Tutti gił  Mortimer Produccions


I started translating while teaching English in Spain. Occasional freelance translation & proofreading work, writing in longhand or typing work out. Then to collaborate with translation agencies, I needed to use PCs, which I knew nothing about.


I soon picked up enough knowledge so that I could use Wordstar in DOS for translating text. Shortly after, WordPerfect became the industry standard for documents, so I had to pick that up. Then Windows 3.11 came out. Companies soon upgraded to Windows, so I picked up Windows and Word as they needed work translated using Word.


That is one way in which I have progressed and never stopped learning. Every time a new version is released or a new writing program comes along, such as Final Draft or Celtx for screenplays, computer-assisted translation software such as Trados or Omegat, I have learn it in order to secure translation work. If the client uses program X for their original work, I need to use program X for the translation. I've learnt the importance of delivering finished work formatted in the same way as the original.

as for my own passion for writing, check out this section.


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