Behind the website scenes


Welcome to the tradesman's entrance to the site. a look under its bonnet at the nitty gritty. The unglamorous side of a web construction site.


There are different ways of creating a web site. I mention a bit about this here. But when it comes to adding bells & whistles, the process is much the same whether you're using html & Dreamweaver or building your site online cutting & pasting with WordPress. By bells & whistles, I mean the fiddly bits you'll have seen on web sites - Facebook & Twitter links, hit counters, animations and so on. it was easy for me to put them on this website, because I've created them many times on other sites..


But when I first decided I wanted social media links on my first website...

...of course I didn't have a clue how to go about it.

it turns out that I have to register my site on each of these companies' sites. This produces a string of code which I then have to copy and paste inside the code of my page - here is the code for my Twitter link, Facebook and Linkedin

and how did I learn to do this?

I went googling.

On my CV I talk about being proactive.

 I have an analytical approach, which comes from my linguistics background, learning languages.

Working as a translator and a proofreader.

So I applied logic.

If I've seen Twitter and Facebook links on millions of web sites, logically it can be done.

If it is doable, I reasoned. I won't be the first person wanting to do this.

I know from experience that people are proud of solving problems.

(If this GIF animation won't display on your system, you can download it as a Presentation or a PDF)

They share their solutions on web forums and Youtube. So I googled for explanations of what to do and I proactively solved this little conundrum.


Company web sites also provide useful information. For example, I discovered that Facebook like people linking their sites to Facebook, so Facebook have the linking instructions on their website. Twitter & Linkedin, likewise. and my proactive social media links are my proof of learning.


and I learnt to create simple GIF animations in a similar way. I googled for help. Photoshop & Illustrator have thousands of video tutorials posted by users & fans on Youtube, forums and personal websites, which are as good as the tutorials made available by the company, adobe.


I also learned how to create ebooks by googling for how to do it. I followed other people's examples.


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