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Since 2005 I have increasingly become drawn into websites and the desire to know how to put one together to showcase my drawings. So I started googling for help and ideas. Using FrontPage Dreamweaver & WordPress for my personal website & subdomains, which I administer myself through my ISP, Freezone; there is a link to them here. Now administer this site, this one and this.


I have gained knowledge as I have come up against problems and have gone googling for solutions e.g. over time, friends have asked for blogs on their sites, Facebook & other social links, embedded videos (Youtube, vimeo etc) and I have had to find solutions.


My knowledge of html & javascript is limited to embedding code into web pages.


I have obviously done this for the Twitter, Facebook & Linkedin links...

& the hit counter on my home page...

...together with the interactive fiddly bits flying around each page, such as the skull extract on this page from one of my drawings.

Working for Central Waste, I have been maintaining the website, and my experience of this so far has included:

My first experience of using WordPress. I have since started trialling WordPress for my own sites.

Updating and changing pages, posts and content, News links to customers sites and other stakeholders and local events. I had done this for my own sites, but this was my first experience of doing it for a company

Creating landing pages for marketing purposes - email links for announcing offers for existing customers and targeting particular sectors of prospective customers (e.g. & e.g.)

Search Engine Optimisation: experimenting with various combinations of meta tags to ascertain the optimum set for Google Searches

By examining the competitors’ Google ranking, I discovered their presence on various business directories that they had accounts with (the Sun, Scoot, manta, Independent etc), then set about registering the company and creating profiles and accounts

all of the above helped to optimise the company’s web presence and improve its Google ranking

MailChimp: I found out about this and have learnt to use it for marketing campaigns, including generating QR codes.

Content Management Systems: WordPress for Central Waste’s website; my Plesk Control Panel for managing my own domains & subdomains; my Form Tools admin Panel for the Contact Forms on my websites. as well as various companies’ bespoke in-house customer databases.

I'm reading up into setting up my own eshop, to sell my designs, which I have taught myself to do using Photoshop & Illustrator. I've opened my Facebook & Twitter accounts with a view to starting promoting my own work & websites. I have begun a Facebook page for cartoon creations of mine which is getting good feedback.

PCs are increasingly part of my life and I am building up my web skills geared around my web sites. Much of what I have been learning to do for myself was included in this job description and I would love to be involved. I'd also like the opportunity to gain commercial skills and even qualifications in this field. I see it as my way forward. I am very aware of the need for digital marketing and am already involved in it for myself in a small way.

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