Word (cont...)


as course coordinator for Reed in Partnership's Digital inclusion courses, I quickly became dissatisfied with our materials, as did the trainers. 5 Word document booklets (70+ pages)...

...which we printed out for course attendees on our 3-day course.

In consultation with the trainers, I reworked the materials to reflect the realities we we were coming up against on the actual courses: updating all screenshots, for example - different versions of Word, different operating systems, different browsers, different email accounts etc.

I reduced the 5 booklets (on the left) to 2: the first one (26 pages on PCs, Word, CVs) which we printed off & gave to the learners  and a second one which we emailed to them during the course once we had set them up with email accounts (a PDF covering email & online jobsearching). Less cumbersome, less repetitive, much more practical with a great saving on paper, ink etc.