MSOffice & Windows versions


I'm fully conversant with the main programs in Office, especially Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook and access, having used all versions since before Windows 95. I've got ECDL Extra and itQ Level 2 and I am starting Level 3 soon, but please follow these links for more practical proof.

Word Excel PowerPoint


I have had no problems getting to grips with the major differences in Word and Excel between the 2003 versions and 2007/2010 and I am comfortable with both versions. I have both 2003 and 2010 installed at home.

I used Windows 8 in my last job, delivering courses on a suite of laptops. I then installed Windows 8 at home, but I have since gone back to XP, which I have as a dual-boot with Linux Ubuntu 12.04


I used versions of Windows NT in HMRC and I used Macs when I had work experience in a printer's design studio, using Photoshop and InDesign for image manipulation. I have used Writer in both Libreoffice and OpenOffice, which is their equivalent of Word.


My main reason for downloading & installing Libreoffice, OpenOffice and the operating system Ubuntu 12.4 is curiosity. I like keeping abreast of alternatives to Microsoft products and I like to know what other people use. Most of the time most users take it for granted that what they have on their computer is what is essential, and I don't want to be missing out on some lesser known program that might make computer work easier for me.



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