I've set up this website to showcase what makes me digitally valuable to your company

Who am I? Why should you employ me? What can I contribute?

More to the point, what can I do for your customers? and would I fit in with the company, and your staff?


Most people apply for jobs with a CV, I thought a dedicated website would be a more practical, to highlight both my suitability and my skills. Especially given the nature of the work I'd love to be doing - hands-on it.

What do I know and what can I do?

This site is an extensive digital portfolio demonstrating what I can do. There are plenty of text & animation links to the relevant sections

PCs & digital skills are increasingly part of my life and I am building up my web skills geared around my web sites. Much of what I have been learning to do for myself was included in this job description and I would love to be involved. I'd also like the opportunity to gain commercial skills and even qualifications in this field. I see it as my way forward. I am very aware of the need for digital marketing and am already involved in it for myself in a small way.

I've divided the site into different sections:


and there is also a section showing parts of the process of actually creating the site.




Contact - Please feel free to get in touch


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